Axis International Inc. offers a broad array of Hypertherm CNC products based on a common software code set and graphical user interface (GUI), providing application flexibility across the product range without adding complexity. Torch height control products targeted to your specific cutting requirements. Backed by industry-leading technical and applications support, Hypertherm Automation delivers a winning combination of product and process capability for your manufacturing needs.

Computerized Numerical Controls (CNC) Computerized Numerical Controls (CNC) Computerized numerical controls offer comprehensive CNC solutions to your motion control needs with a rich assortment of features for every application.

Torch Height Controls Torch Height Controls Maintain the correct distance to the workpiece with Hypertherm's Automation THC's and achieve optimal cut quality.

Controller Software Controller Software Phoenix Software Controller Updates Versions 6, 7, 8 and 9 as well as Demo software for you to check out.