Torch & Consumables by Hypertherm

PowerMax Series
Powermax Series Plasma Cutters
Entry-level single gas (air or nitrogen) cutting systems, great for duct cutting, pipe cut-off, beveling and robotic 3-D cutting.
PowerMax45 Powermax1250 G3 Series Powermax1650 G3 Series

HySpeed LongLife Oxygen Plasma Hyspeed Longlife Plasma Cutter Heavy-duty production tools with cost-reducing LongLife technology for dramatically longer consumable life and much lower operating costs.
HySpeed HSD130 HySpeed HT2000

HyPerformance Plasma HyPerformance Plasma HyPerformance Plasma cuts fine-feature parts with superior quality, consistency, and increased cut speeds- eliminating cost of secondary operations.
HyPerformance HPR130XD HyPerformance HPR260XD HyPerformance HPR400XD