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At Axis International, Inc., we are committed to crafting the best CNC Plasma Cutting Systems in the business. Axis CNC Plasma Cutting Machines utilize precision linear rails to achieve a superior level of accuracy, smooth fluid motion and high duty cycle.

We offer a full line of Hypertherm Mechanized Plasma Cutting Power Supplies, CNC Controllers, Torch Height Controls & Software. Whether your business is a small metal fabrication shop or a 20 acre shipyard, Axis has the right Plasma Cutter to meet the demand.

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          Epsilon CNC Plasma Cutting System by Axis 

What Is Plasma Cutting?

One common description of plasma is to describe it as the fourth state of matter. We normally think of the three states of matter as solid, liquid and gas. For a common element, water, these three states are ice, water and steam.

Axis Omega CNC Plasma Table

The Metals Use Industry encompasses a broad and diverse range of companies who have their specific applications and requirements. The Axis family of CNC Mechanized Cutting Systems are industry tested and designed with diversity and cross application in mind to provide the best return for your Mechanized Cutting Systems purchase. We offer a full line of Mechanized cutting systems.

To get started, there is a simple questionaire to assist in finding out which of our mechanized cutting systems would best suit your needs. It can be found here or by clicking on "Recieve a Quote." You can expect a call from one of our Application Specialists within 24 hours.

Axis International CNC Mechanized Cutting Machines are used in the following sectors of the Metal Use Industry:

The General Metal Fabrication Industry

The General Metal Fabrication industry sector comprises the majority of CNC Mechanized Cutting users. The General Metal Fabrication sector turns flat plate into three dimensional structures. Ship Building, Barge Builders, Steel Erection, Beam Builders, Bridge Construction, Road Construction, Building Construction, Companies Making Pressure Vessels, Companies Preparing or Making Welded Pipe, Electrical Power Plant construction, Boiler, Steam Generation, Paper Mill Machinery, Cyclones, Hoppers, Conveyors Liquid or Granular Product Moving Equipment, Mining Equipment, Petrochemical Exploration and Drilling, Radio, Television, Cell Microwave Transmission are key elements of the General Metal Fabrication sector. Most often, this sector requires CNC Mechanized Cutting systems which make use of several cutting processes. Mechanized cutting systems with the capability of both Oxy-Fuel and Plasma cutting processes are vital to this sector. The Axis International Gama, Alpha, and Alpha II Series are specifically designed to meet the requirements of this sector.

Steel Building Manufacturers

Steel Building Manufacturers could be considered a sub category of General Metal Fabrication. However, Steel Building Manufactures often have special Mechanized Cutting needs. Most manufactures of steel buildings create the metal skeleton components of their buildings in-house and often two different classes of cutting machines are required. The extra width of the Alpha II class system would be utilized for the high volume cutting of the skeleton components to be welded, and either the Alpha or Gama Series system would be recommended for cutting the smaller “clip” or gusset type components.

Steel Service Centers - Cut Parts Suppliers

Steel Service Centers – Cut Parts Suppliers are companies who cut customer parts from flat plate in high volume. The customers of Steel Service Centers often do not have CNC Mechanized cutting systems of their own, or their own equipment does not have the capacity needed, and “farm out” this work to a Steel Service Center. The Axis International Alpha II Series provides the high volume, cutting widths, and extreme duty cycles required to match the high volume cutting the Steel Service Centers require.

The Metal Architecture Sector

The Metal Architecture Sector groups companies who manufacture components for decorating the outer surfaces of buildings, furniture, sculptures, ornamental gates & fences, and metal signs. Customers in this industry range from metal artists who work alone in small studios to companies that fabricate metal staircases and fence rails in a manufacturing plant. The Mechanized CNC Cutting equipment utilized in this sector range from accurate single torch narrow width machines like the Axis Omicron Integral Table Series, through those which require faster cutting speed and heavier production requirements with stand alone cutting tables like the Axis Epsilon Series. Due to the diversity of metals used by this segment like mild steel, copper, brass, aluminum, or stainless steel, a plasma cutting system is almost always incorporated onto the cutting machine. Key in this segment are sign makers who prepare high quality metal reproductions incorporating letters and or highly detailed artwork logos for their customers. To reproduce the accuracy of the detail work in the printed original, Axis International recommends the utilization of “Dual Drive” gantries with Hy-Performance™ plasma systems for the straightest edge and detail on the letters and logos.