Controller Software

Phoenix Controller Software Phoenix version 8 is a major new release of the Phoenix software for CNC's from Hypertherm Automation. It provides new functionality that improves ease of use, facilitates operator training, and enhances serviceability.

Choices are restricted to what most operators actually need, reducing confusion and chances for error. Large drop down menus for improved accuracy. Short descriptions to eliminate confusion and speed up the process. Graphical display drastically simplifies interpretation.
Each of these new features is designed to improve table uptime and reduce the total cost to operate the cutting table.

  • The CutPro™ Wizard, a patent-pending step by step guide for the operator to run the CNC.
  • The new Remote Help™ utility provides connectivity between your CNC, your channel partner, and Hypertherm for collaborative troubleshooting of your table, plasma system, and CNC.
  • Custom cut charts, for running unique cutting parameters. Remnant utilization, for teaching plate remnants for later processing.

There are numerous OEM and End User time-saving and money saving benefits to Phoenix Version 8. The major items include:

The CutPro™ Wizard

The CutPro Wizard, a patent-pending method that enables new operators to perform a routine job setup and start cutting production parts in less than five minutes without training. This increases your workforce flexibility and drastically reduces your “Hire to Cut” time. Functions available in the CutPro Wizard are:

  • Loading part programs from sources enabled to the CNC such as from the hard drive, a memory stick or the network.
  • Selecting the cutting process for the job to be run.
  • Teaching the plate location.
  • Adjusting for skew (diagonal offset of the plate to the table), which is especially useful for larger plates.
  • Selecting scrap clearance.
  • Verification of parameters then starting the cut (or trial).

The “Hire to Cut” time for a new operator can be 5 minutes or less using this wizard, drastically reducing training time and costs. During beta site testing, one OEM was able to sequentially train 14 new operators at their end user site in less than an hour (for all 14) to cut their first part from a prepared file. Additional training for more advanced operations would still be required, however this establishes the capability for manufacturers to quickly teach a new operator to successfully cut parts.

Custom Cart Chart Capability

The capability has been developed to establish cut charts for unique materials and processes not included in the Hypertherm manuals. While plasma can be used to cut any conductive material, cut charts today are developed for mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum in dimensions that are common in the industry. This new feature enables the end user to establish files to support custom dimensions and/or materials that can be saved and recalled to operate on the cutting table.

Remote Help™ Utility

Remote Help is an easy to use and secure method of remotely connecting your Hypertherm Automation CNC to your OEM (and Hypertherm, when needed) for technical support over the internet. Connection time for this free utility can be achieved in less than a minute. Remote Help enables:

  • Observation of the CNC screens remotely while an operator is running the machine.
  • A remote party to operate the CNC to navigate through the software screens. Note: motion (including I/O) from the remote end of the connection is disabled during this mode.
  • Diagnosis of major portions of the cutting table performance using the Phoenix software screens.
  • Reviewing settings/setups.
  • Securely transferring files such as setup files, part programs, windows updates, or software updates, when needed.
  • Ability to troubleshoot both the plasma and the cutting table, including gas flow test, power supply tests, communication verification and parameter setup.

This advanced remote diagnostic capability enables multiple parties (up to 15 on one session) to quickly log onto the CNC for table diagnosis, reducing costs due to downtime. Because of the power and benefit to customers, this free utility is available on the latest revisions of Versions 6 and 7 in addition to Version 8.

Remnant Utilization and Nesting

This new feature utilizes the Hypernest CNC software to enable file creation for plate remnants that identifies the perimeter of the remnant material. This file can then be recalled at a later time to use as a plate for additional processing for shape cutting using a separate prepared part or nest. This reduces waste by enabling manufacturers to easily use materials that they might have scrapped otherwise.