Torch Height Controls

Torch Height Controls One of the key elements in any thermal cutting application is the distance from the cutting torch to the work piece. This stand-off distance is critical to cut quality. Proper cut height improves cut angularity, dross and cut speed.

Command THC Command THC The CommandTHC is a microprocessor-based torch height control system which accurately sets the initial piercing height and controls the torch-to-work distance of a plasma torch during cutting operations.

Sensor PHC Sensor PHC Designed for conventional plasma systems 100 amp and less cutting in with air, the Sensor PHC provides excellent performance, built in diagnostics, and easy operation all at a fantastic price!

Sensor OHC Sensor OHC The Sensor OHC - oxygen height control is an advanced, automated height control system for oxygen fuel shape cutting applications.

Sensor THC Sensor THC The Sensor THC incorporates the latest advancements in system integration and hardware reliability, with integrated SoftMotion and closed loop servo control.