Torch Height Controls - Sensor PHC

Sensor PHC Designed for conventional plasma systems 100 amp and less cutting in with air, the Sensor PHC provides excellent performance, built in diagnostics, and easy operation all at a fantastic price!

The Sensor PHC offers easy installation on new or existing conventional plasma cutting tables with any CNC and a broad range of plasma systems. Available in several application-specific configurations, the Sensor PHC delivers improved performance at a reduced cost compared to other height control solutions.

Maximum Speed 5120 mm/m (200 ipm)
Range of Motion 150 mm (6")
Arc Voltage Set-Point 50 V - 210 V arc voltage set-point for arc-voltage feedback; accurate to 1 arc volt
  Ohmic contact & stall-force initial height sense
  On/off signal provided by CNC

*Information subject to change without notice.

**User supplied display and keyboard are required.

Better Consumable Life
  • Spatter during piercing presents a threat to the nozzle and shield.
  • Setting the height of the torch higher during piercing protects the consumables by moving them away from the spatter.
  • The Sensor PHC offers programmable and different settings for both pierce and cut heights to automatically position the torch.

Improved Cut Quality Performance
  • The Sensor PHC offers improved quality over the entire life of the consumables.
  • The following cut-edge angle dimensions were measured at the beginning and end of a 450 pierce-and-cut test for both setups.
  1st cut sample, maximum kerf angle 451st cut sample, maximum kerf angle
No PHC 11°
Sensor PHC
Angles were measured on all four sides, all four samples. The lower the number, the better the cut quality. The angles will vary with thickness.

Magnetic Breakaway
  • Tethered magnetic breakaway for consistent positioning during cutting and retention after collision or consumable change.
  • Powerful magnets and keyed mounting plate for fast and repeatable repositioning of the torch.